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KGG Enterprises

Industry - Media & Communication

Location - Bethpage, NY

About KGG Enterprises

KGG Enterprises, founded in 2007 by Kerry Gillick-Goldberg, is one of Long Island's leading boutique public relations, marketing and event firms. With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, KGG carefully balances its portfolio with both for-profit and not-for-profit clients. KGG was incorporated when Gillick-Goldberg transformed the merchandising and sales of theOne is Greater Than None(1>0)charity from handmade bracelets to a full licensed line of junior active wear, which was available at Bloomingdales, nationwide at independent stores and online. Founded by teenage girls from Merrick, the charity raised money and social awareness to help children in need. This philanthropic teens success story garnered extensive international, national and local media coverage and put KGG on the map. Prior to the creation of KGG, Gillick-Goldberg served as president and co-owner of New York City-based G Squared Showroom, a $10-million junior/tween multi-line showroom, where she grew sales and developed private-level brands, collaborated with licensing agents and built a professional network of buyers from major retailers including Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and more and at online/catalog retailers Delias and Alloy as well as smaller independent retailers.Gillick-Goldberg also spearheaded the public relations outreach in New York for G Squared clients- believing that more press would equal increased sales. Opening the showroom just one month prior to September 11th, it is a testament to the quality of her relationships and drive that the business reached profitability in less than six months. Now, its Gillick-Goldberg's public relations and marketing clients that benefit from her drive.Gillick-Goldberg was the first public relations professional to be honored by Beverly Fortune for Fortune 52:

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KGG Enterprises
  • 695 Plainview Rd.
  • Bethpage, NY
  • 516-455-3179