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Create a business profile to highlight awards, recognitions, completed projects, photo galleries, etc. Dress the profile up with a logo, website, key contacts, products and services offered through the business.



Search other members in your business's region or industry and form alliances. Grow a team of alliances for greater collaboration and networking opportunities. Communicate with new and prospective alliances with WinWinUSA messaging, site emails, business event postings and message posts.



Partner with alliances on marketing expenses such as trade shows, advertising, materials and sponsorships through WinWinUSA's unique Shared Marketing feature. Discover new opportunities to increase revenue, decrease expenses, fill capacity and grow.



Engage in the WinWinUSA B2B Exchange and search or post opportunities within staffing, logistics, transportation, goods, services, or via a general business discussion forum.



Simplified and straightforward advertising opportunities on WinWinUSA via banner ads throughout the site, industry sponsorships, and simple site participation.



Increase business event attendance with WinWinUSA's Event postings and targeted search strategies. Reach businesses of all sizes all across the United States.



Using the tools and features available on WinWinUSA, a business can discover new ways to increase revenue, decrease expenses, fill capacity, normalize inventory, and maximize human resources and growth.


Site Chat

Keeping in touch with business connections made easy! Instant Message to kick off a collaborative project. Video Chat one-on-one or with a group of business connections in our Virtual Conference Rooms. Share screens, white boards and files, or start a Broadcast for an online seminar or training. Connect. Collaborate. Grow!