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The amount of e-mail notifications from WinWinUSA is completely customizable.

Our members control the amount of notifications that are pushed to their e-mails. A member may choose the type of notifications via e-mail that best suits their needs. Some members check their WinWinUSA page regularly and choose no e-mail notifications. Other members are unable to view their WinWinUSA page regularly and choose to be notified by e-mail of certain alliance activities.

To change the notification settings, simply click here when logged into the business' WinWinUSA account. From there, select or deselect options that best suit the profile.

No. WinWinUSA exists solely as a simple, effective and easy way for businesses to connect, collaborate and win. We do not nor will not sell a list of our members and their information.

For details on our Privacy Policy, please click here.

No. WinWinUSA membership is free. Only when premium services or membership is requested by a business member will any payment information be requested. For example, when a member wishes to advertise on WinWinUSA or become an industry sponsor, or to upgrade to a premium membership level.

The WinWinUSA site offers much more than a general business to business marketplace. Members have a nearly infinite amount of opportunities to increase revenue, decrease expenses and grow on WinWinUSA. Creativity is the only limitation.

Although a business's primary objective is to find sales opportunities, members often find much greater tangible value, rewards and opportunities via other avenues.

For example, shared marketing may open doors to reach a larger audience than was feasible without an alliance, or it may open a market previously closed to a business. Members often find expense reduction opportunities through bulk purchases, staff sharing, or freight load sharing. There are also opportunities to hold on to valued employees during an economic downturn or during seasonal slow-downs.

As members create and post new ideas in any category, their engagement will prompt additional new ideas and solutions from other members. This business community engagement is what will trigger a revolution of thought in business activity. It is this very cycle that launches radical ideas that obliterate existing restrictive paradigms and will catapult the American business landscape into the forefront of the global stage. This is WinWinUSA in action.

Those other social media channels address different needs and requirements of businesses and, as such, your business will not realize the same benefits afforded on WinWinUSA. WinWinUSA is the only business-only business social media channel. The others are public, individual and consumer-oriented channels. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are consumer platforms used to reach consumers. LinkedIn is also a public channel, but it's purpose is primarily for individuals to network as professionals, not as businesses, or for businesses to search employee talent.

WinWinUSA is a secure, U.S. business-only social media channel. This singular, untapped focus is what offers new, previously hidden opportunities to increase revenue, decrease expenses, fill capacity and grow.

As a new idea, WinWinUSA needs to get the word out, to create a buzz. We use these social media channels for that purpose along with offering a value-add to our members by showcasing select members on our social media channels. Eventually, the primary role of these social media channels for WinWinUSA will be aligned with the markets these social media channels serve: consumers and individuals. We will continue using LinkedIn to find top talent, and Facebook and Twitter to help our members in the consumer space, while engaging on WinWinUSA for the same benefits and opportunities as all WinWinUSA members: to increase revenue, decrease expenses, fill capacity and grow.

WinWinUSA will always be an exclusive B2B community, free from the confines of public, consumer oriented social media channels. This alone is a top reason businesses join and are engaged on WinWinUSA.

It's FREE!

By default, all members join under our Basic Free membership level so that may create a business profile, search & form Alliances and communicate on the site. Basic Free also allows a business to unlimited B2B, Shared, and Event postings

Businesses may choose to upgrade their membership to Platinum or Platinum Plus. Details of these membership levels may be found here.


We limit our site ad spots to 20 per week. These ads are rotated throughout the site for maximum exposure.

Please visit our WinWinUSA Advertising page for additional information.

Profile: As a member on the site, a business may create a profile explaining the business, post a logo, pictures, videos, awards, products and services.

Connect & Network: Businesses can create a network of alliances with whom they may engage in exploring WinWinUSA opportunities.

Market: Search and post Shared Marketing opportunities to expand marketing reach without raising marketing budgets.

Exchange: Our B2B Exchange is business's market place. Exchange products, services, real estate, transportation, freight, and much more.

Communication: Businesses may interact with other business members and alliances in a variety of ways like, in-site instant messaging, private site messaging, comments and more.

For a full list of features, click here.

The easiest way to get started on WinWinUSA is to complete the business profile. Upload a logo, describe your business, list the business's products and services, upload photos, link to videos, etc. The more information about the business, the greater likelihood of discovering a tangible opportunity!

Next, begin growing the business's alliance network. Request an alliance with any and all businesses that are of interest. Reach outside your industry, too.

Finally, search posted opportunities. Visit the B2B Exchange, Shared Marketing and Events pages. See what other members are offering.

When ready, feel free to post new B2B Exchange or Shared Marketing opportunities, or a business event on the Events page.

Tip: Share business thoughts on the Business Wisdom page, under the MORE menu item.

Visit the Invite Center from the business's dashboard where there are options to upload address books or invite local businesses in your area. This is a great way to build an alliance network!

Create a Support Ticket under the Account Settings. A Winologist may also be contacted for assistance.

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