WinWinUSA Expands Member Spotlights

VIB – Very Important Business

The concept of WinWinUSA is really very simple—we want to be your company’s go-to web site for the best B2B networking available. Whether you run a small company, a mid-sized operation, or are one of the big boys, WinWinUSA empowers collaboration, business networking and shared marketing. In essence, WinWinUSA levels the playing field when it comes to industry marketing. We want every single one of our clients to feel that they are getting absolutely the most they possibly can from the site on every single visit to the site.

Starting this month, we are going to be featuring many of our Very Important Businesses—VIBs—by writing exclusive, high-end content so that everybody on the site can see the great business profiles throughout the WinWinUSA community. What makes you a VIB? Doing what you do!

For instance, one of our first VIBs is Black Gold Energy Drinks. In an industry flooded with the ‘next best thing’ when it comes to energy drinks, Black Gold takes center stage. The Louisiana-based company has developed an all-natural, non-carbonated energy drink that not only tastes great, but accomplishes its number one goal—giving you the energy you need to get through the day.

Now that Black Gold is ready to take the next step and burst onto the national landscape, its CEO Stephen Hawkins is quick to credit WinWinUSA.

“I am willing to go on record saying that the reason for Black Gold’s new-found success is due to the B2B relationships that only WinWinUSA could provide,” Hawkins said.

Black Gold was originally created to assist oil field workers get through their long, hot day of work. However, it is now ready to make its mark around the nation.

“The idea started as a energy drink for people who works in the oil field, but I wanted it to be something much bigger than that,” said Hawkins. “It all started during my senior year in college, needing the energy to make it the early morning classes. That can really take a toll on a person’s body as time goes by.”

What Hawkins came up with was an all-natural drink that allows the body to develop the energy it needs. After graduating from college, Hawkins got a job as an NDE Technician in the oil field industry, where he was also able to test market his new drink

“Take it from me when it comes to working in the industrial field, you do not want to be short on energy,” Hawkins said. “This is how I decided on the name—Black Gold.”

From Energy Drinks to world travel, another WinWInUSA VIB is the Top Travel Club. The Top Travel Club’s business model is very simple—strip away the nonsense of traditional travel agencies and ensure that its customers get the very best prices and service for upcoming vacation.
Club members get access to hundred of thousands of direct booking discounts and savings or what they call ‘outlet’ prices on travel and shopping selections in more than 100 countries.

One very important factor to be aware of is that The Top Travel Club does not sell travel or take reservations, and members handle their own arrangements directly with the listed travel operators. In addition, the Club will not accept payment from any hotels, or other institutions to promote their services and does not earn any fees or commissions from reservations or sales. That way, The Top Travel Club can concentrate strictly on the best interests of their clients.

Many of the travel operators that The Top Travel Club offers are too small or would be hard to find for the everyday traveller.

“I decided to go around the world and find these small travel operators, as long as they were willing to offer our customers the best pricing,” said Tony Humphrey, the owner of The Top Travel Club. “Now we have over 1,200 travel operators on board.”

Humphrey is extremely excited about the relationship between The Top Travel Club and WinWinUSA, as he feels the business models of the two companies are very similar.

“It’s the same concept, really. Helping small businesses network. Most small businesses can’t afford to climb over all of the major advertisers, so it gives everyone a great opportunity. Particularly in the United States, it’s a magical marketplace.”

One person who is looking to use that marketplace to his advantage for himself and his law firm is VIB, Jeffrey S. Schwartz. People and businesses get involved with WinWinUSA for many different reasons. Some people—such as attorney Jeffrey S. Schwartz—want to be a part of WinWinUSA to challenge themselves to do even more. To take their success to the next level and to be exposed to others who can benefit from that success.

“What I really like about WinWinUSA is that it is an ever-evolving concept and what’s wonderful about it is that it’s getting better with age” said Schwartz, who has been a general counsel to businesses for the past three decades. “I am looking to utilize WinWinUSA to explore whether there is an opportunity out there for me to take my skills and talent into another company and watch them grow and be creative and excel. My definition of success is being successful for others.”

Schwartz has used those skills and that talent to build a successful law practice, which has offices on both coasts—on Long Island and in San Diego.

“I handle anything that a business may need from start up through operations, to litigation—if necessary,” Schwartz said. “Entailing preparing contracts, negotiations, giving advice, corporate governance. Anything a business would need.”

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