WinWin's Top 8 Apps for Small Business Productivity

WinWin’s Top 8 Apps for Small Business Productivity

For the mobile-savvy business owner or entrepreneur, there are more tools available than ever to help your business run smoothly—from anywhere. Here are some of our Winners’ favorite mobile and web-based apps to help you get connected, stay organized, and handle disruptive admin tasks.



Intuit Quickbooks is one of the most commonly used accounting software suites, but did you know you can use it on the go? The Quickbooks app is a surprisingly useful distillation of the software’s functionality, letting you access your accounts easily from your smartphone and tablet. Invoice clients, capture receipts, get paid, and create estimates from anywhere.



This staff management app makes managing shift work a breeze. Co-workers can swap shifts with one another and accept scheduling changes, while managers can create shifts, send out schedules, approve timesheets, and easily find replacements when an employee calls in sick.




Beautiful, professional invoicing with built-in time-tracking. Web- or app-based timesheets and time-tracking tools give you the data you need to bill accurately and budget wisely. Harvest can automagically pull your tracked time into professional invoices that you can send right from the app – making it easy to track, bill, and accept payments online, all in one move.



Browser-based time-tracking that is clean, and so “insanely” easy to use that the productivity boost is practically guaranteed. Few other time-trackers have come this close to letting you track your time in real-time. Toggl lets you easily categorize tasks according to client, project, or custom tags. Color-code your project, add sub-projects, create teams and groups, set billable rates, set rounding protocols—you can even track time while offline. At the end of the day, look at Toggl’s slick reporting and see the ratio of billable vs unbillable hours for breezy problem-solving and transparent client billing.


Genius apps by Grizzly Labs

Grizzly Labs has engineered a suite of easy-to-use “scanning” apps that bring cumbersome, 20th-century, paper-first admin tasks into the digital age. Scan receipts and documents and export them into PDF files with Genius Scan; easily send and receive faxes with Genius Fax; and get documents securely signed and returned with Genius Sign.



Tools like Canva’s web-based photo editor are a huge help to the small business who wants to maintain a social media presence—which requires the frequent use of graphics—without hiring Photoshop-savvy staff. Pre-made layouts, free shapes and icons, tons of fonts, and drag-and-drop tools let you edit your photos quicky and easily and add your own snazzy-looking text to produce stunning (legal!) graphics with ease.



The most popular portable payments/POS solution – the clean, minimalist app comes with a small credit/debit card magstripe or chip reader to make transactions quick and convenient. Great for businesses with limited space, or companies that need to accept payments “in the field.”

For businesses that need more robust features such as check processing and electronic invoicing, try the PayPal Here app and card reader.




Is this cheating? Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention that all of our surveyed businesses named our platform as their favorite collaboration tool! We designed WinWin to be an incredibly easy-to-use tool that makes finding potential collaborators easy! By offering the resources, support and infrastructure to let EVERY business collaborate, we are creating an “opportunity network” on a scale that has simply never existed before.



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