WinWin VIB Spotlight: Black Gold Energy Drinks

Today we’d like to highlight one of our WinWin VIBs (Very Important Businesses): Black Gold Energy Drinks! The VIB program is our chance to spotlight some of the incredible small businesses who are using B2B networking to create mutually beneficial relationships with their peers to save time and money while growing their businesses to new heights!


In a market flooded with the ‘next best thing’ when it comes to energy drinks, Black Gold offers something truly unique. This Louisiana-based company has developed an all-natural, non-carbonated energy drink that not only tastes great, but accomplishes its number one goal: giving you the energy you need to get through the day. Black Gold was originally formulated to help oil field workers get through their long, hot day of working in the sun without having to worry about the unpleasant side effects and health risks associated with high-sugar popular energy drinks.

The product was a hit with oil field workers and is now ready to make its mark around the country! With Black Gold now bringing its product nationwide, CEO Stephen Hawkins took time to reflect on his journey from making a niche product for the oil industry to a product for the mass market.

“It all started during my senior year in college, needing the energy to make it through the early morning classes,” he recalls. “That can really take a toll on a person’s body as time goes by.” So Hawkins began experimenting with some of the energy drinks on the market, only to be repeatedly disappointed. “I wasn’t getting the results I wanted—I was really just getting a sugar rush. I studied what the other companies lacked and decided to make something different, something that actually works.”

After a lot of research and fine-tuning, what Hawkins came up with was an all-natural drink that allows the body to develop the energy it needs. After graduating from college, Hawkins got a job as an NDE Technician in the oil field industry, where he was also able to test-market his new drink.

“Take it from me: when it comes to working in an industrial field, you do not want to be short on energy,” Hawkins said. “This is how I decided on the name—Black Gold.”

Looking back on his success as the company has developed from a homegrown passion project to a full-fledged player in the energy drink market, Hawkins is quick to credit WinWinUSA.

“We are making major moves with the brand, courtesy of the people at WinWinUSA,” Hawkins said. “These guys really have great insight and know what they doing to make things happen. WinWinUSA is the only way to go. During the development stage of my company, WinWinUSA not only believed in us, but helped Black Gold brand itself to stand out from the competition. I am willing to go on record saying that the reason for Black Gold’s new-found success is due to the B2B relationships that only WinWinUSA could provide.”



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