WinWin Case Study: Vertigo & Basics Landscaping

We love to talk about the fact that WinWin’s suite of leading networking and collaboration tools makes it easy for business to work together to save money and achieve mutual goals. Cooperation is the new competition! But how does it work in the real world?

Today’s case study highlights one example: two neighboring businesses that are working together through WinWin and saving money!

Vertigo Media Group is a full-service marketing and advertising firm offering a blend of traditional and digital marketing solutions. A startup founded in 2001, Vertigo has maintained its boutique, intimate operating style by developing a generous off-site team that allows the company to contract and expand its staff for different projects.

Basics Landscaping Co., Inc is an award-winning home landscaping design firm that maintains a sterling reputation as an industry leader in landscaping and masonry, thanks to their focus on exceptional client relationships and internal teamwork and their attention to quality and detail. Much of the company’s new business comes from positive word-of-mouth from existing customers.

Both of these New York companies are based on Long Island—a hidden opportunity! After discovering and building a relationship with each other through WinWin, the two firms realized they shared a similar need.

Basics needed a graphic designer to help with occasional marketing collateral, signage and web graphics. Vertigo, for its part, needed a new part-timer to round out their junior design team. Since neither company needed to hire a full-time designer, they decided to share one. Now, the two firms jointly share the services of a skilled designer local to both of them, who works two days a week each for Vertigo and Basics.

What hidden win-win opportunities is your business missing out on? Finding out is simple, and membership is free. Give WinWin a try to find out why relationships are at the root of every success, and why cross-pollinating with other businesses leads to new strategies, new friendships, and new money-saving insights.

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