What Does Automation Mean for Your Future?

automationAs technology continues to advance we hear more concerns about automation and how it will affect the future job market. Automation is the use of equipment or machines to do work previously done by humans. The purpose of all automation is the help do tasks more efficiently. The major concern regarding advancing technology and automation is that machines and artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans and cause people to lose their jobs to machines.

Researchers from McKinsey Global Institute recently released a report that predicted the future of the jobs market due to automation. In this report it is stated that by 2055 nearly half of work tasks could be automated. That may sound extreme, but the report also stated that only 5% of occupations will become fully automated. The manufacturing, retail, hospitality and food service industries are most likely to be affected by automation. We have already begun to see automation in restaurants with tablets being placed at tables to place orders, making the ordering and paying process much more efficient.

The good news about automation is that if we can learn how to use technology to enhance how we do our jobs there will always be a place for humans in the workplace. The McKinsey report states that jobs are likely to be partially automated and that those people that are completely displaced by technology are likely to find jobs in other fields. Another major question regarding automation is how do we combat the effects of automation as employers and employees. The simple answer is that we combat automation with education. If employees are willing to learn new skills and constantly evolve there will always be a place for them. That education does not only apply to employees, but to employers as well. Employers must be willing to help educate their employees and to adapt to new trends themselves. The last point on education is that we must change the way people are being educated to make sure they are more prepared for the ever-changing job market they are going to enter.

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