VR and AR in Business

vr applications in businessWe have all heard about Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR), but what exactly are they and how will they be applied to business and life in the coming years? The most basic difference between VR and AR is that VR is an immersive technology, while AR merely layers graphics over the existing world that you are looking at.

This holiday season the existence of this technology will continue to be more pervasive as VR devices are flying off the shelves. Now, the most obvious use for these technologies is in the video game industry, but there is potential for VR or AR in almost all industries and soon we will see these technologies being used by almost all businesses.

The possibilities are endless for these technologies, but a few industries are already using them and looking for new ways to incorporate VR and AR into their businesses. The best examples of VR and AR use fall in the education, healthcare, marketing and journalism fields.

Some schools have already began implementing Virtual Reality techniques into their teaching methods. Imagine learning about the Sistine Chapel, but instead of looking at pictures you find yourself standing in the middle of Vatican City with the works of Michelangelo all around you. This immersive experience can generate a feeling of excitement about learning that can invigorate the next generation.

In healthcare, doctors and surgeons are already using Augmented Reality to look inside 3-D images of people’s brains and hearts before performing surgeries.

Marketing has many opportunities to grab people and immerse them into the brand with Virtual Reality. Instead of watching a trailer for Jurassic Park, you could be inside the trailer.

Perhaps the greatest use of Virtual Reality could be in the journalism field. Journalists are looking to create a feeling of empathy when telling the stories of children or people in refugee camps in Syria, but the people making the decisions that affect those refugees lives don’t have an emotional attachment to that situation. Virtual Reality movies are currently being used in the United Nations to show the story of refugees and others to the leaders of the world, which can lead to more knowledgeable decisions being made.

Many people are concerned with the idea of people constantly escaping their current world and decreasing meaningful personal relationships, but Augmented Reality has the ability to increase collaboration in creative fields. With AR two people can work on the same thing hovering in front of them, while interacting with each other rather than staring at a screen.

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