The Value of Building Your Subscriber List

building an email subscriber list2016 was the year businesses sank more money than ever before into social media marketing. Getting companies to understand the value of having a social media presence was an undertaking that took many years for marketers to execute. But, oftentimes, business owners have heightened expectations, not understanding that a good marketing plan includes several different avenues of marketing. Having thousands of fans doesn’t necessarily translate into earning thousands of additional dollars. And, social media marketing costs are on the rise as more advertisers compete to get their ads in front of new eyes.

Today, you’ll see less visibility for the same marketing dollars than one year ago. Five dollars used to buy you 1,500 Facebook eyeballs, give or take, depending on your brand’s niche. Now, that same visibility can cost five times as much.
The new understanding, we, as business owners, need to come to is that these free marketing platforms all exist to earn money; they are not charities built with the intent of helping you with your company’s growth. New sites will come and go and there will always be another hot one on the horizon.

When advertising potential is always in flux, how do you get the most out of each of these websites now? The answer is to lure them over to your own subscriber list.

Rather than pay to advertise to your fan base repeatedly with decreasing visibility for your marketing budget over time, if you use these platforms to build your own subscriber list, you can market to them repeatedly.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy. Customers need to be exposed to your brand several times before they are in the buying frame mind. With emails, you can control the design, the message, the delivery and the call to action. And, the cost to reach each subscriber is much less.

Ideas for Enticing People to Become Subscribers:

  • Run a giveaway – people enter by subscribing to your email list
  • Offer a Coupon
  • Give away a White Paper

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