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The Top Travel Club’s business model is very simple—strip away the nonsense of traditional travel agencies and ensure that its customers get the very best prices and service for upcoming vacation.

Club members get access to hundreds of thousands of direct booking discounts and savings or what they call ‘outlet’ prices on travel and shopping selections in more than 100 countries.

One very important factor to be aware of is that The Top Travel Club does not sell travel or take reservations, and members handle their own arrangements directly with the listed travel operators. In addition, the Club will not accept payment from any hotels, or other institutions to promote their services and does not earn any fees or commissions from reservations or sales. That way, The Top Travel Club can concentrate strictly on the best interests of their clients.

Many of the travel operators that The Top Travel Club offers are too small or would be hard to find for the everyday traveler.

“I decided to go around the world and find these small travel operators, as long as they were willing to offer our customers the best pricing,” said Tony Humphrey, the owner of The Top Travel Club. “Now we have over 1,200 travel operators on board.”

Humphrey is extremely excited about the relationship between The Top Travel Club and WinWinUSA, as he feels the business models of the two companies are very similar.

“It’s the same concept, really. Helping small businesses network. Most small businesses can’t afford to climb over all of the major advertisers, so it gives everyone a great opportunity. Particularly in the United States, it’s a magical marketplace.”

While pricing certainly rules the day, Humphrey acknowledges that the feedback, reviews and promotion his company can get from social media cannot be underestimated for a moment.

“It’s absolutely essential,” he said. “We have had social media for a number of years, but it was never handled properly. I now have a superb social media partner and I am really excited about that.”

Just by clicking on The Top Travel Club’s web sites, customers can learn everything that they need to know about trips, experiences, etc.

“They have full access to all of the site so they can do their due diligence,” Humphrey said about the Club’s membership benefits. “It’s win-win for them. They don’t have to believe what a travel agent says. People can see that we have been doing this for years, they can see the testimonials on the site and you know you’re going to an expert.”

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