Taking Your New Company Beyond Social Media

The digital age has helped to create the most startup-friendly business environment we’ve seen to date—more and more inventors and entrepreneurs are going into business for themselves, creating agile start-up companies that can get off the ground with little more than a website.

Over the past few years, social media networks have become the go-to platform for easy brand awareness, content distribution, customer acquisition and lead generation.  This is especially true for overburdened newly formed companies, who often have  to maximize tiny marketing budgets and look for unconventional opportunities.

Taking your company beyond standard social media

Taking your company beyond standard social media

The WinWin platform was built on the realization that the missing piece in today’s social media landscape is creative business-to-business collaboration. When businesses can build successful relationship with other businesses, amazing hidden opportunities emerge. A well-connected business operates with a fresh mindset, cross-pollinating ideas with other businesses and easily thinking their way out of the proverbial “box.” You find new ways to reduce costs; you open yourself to new markets; you can minimize expenses by sharing purchasing or even staff. The simple act of collaboration can trigger a cascade effect that is truly revolutionary.

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