Slack is Not Slacking Off When It Comes to Helping Your Business

Slack is a popular new communication app designed with businesses in mind. No more time-wasting group meetings or individual emails: Slack does it all. No matter what your business is—from landscaping to a travel agency— and no matter what platforms your business uses— from desktop to smartphone— Slack can probably fit your team’s workflow.


What is Slack?

Slack is a bit like everybody’s favorite ancient instant messenger, AIM—but it’s designed just for businesses, and packs quite a punch compared to simpler chat tools. Thanks to the use of dedicated channels for different topics, you can use Slack for everything from watercooler chat to a full-on email replacement, handling small projects like distribution of product or massive projects like the organization of a charity gala.


Kill the cluttered email

Slack is the ultimate decluttering tool. Not only does it reserve your email inbox for only the most important correspondence, but it also organizes conversations into channels so nothing gets lost in spam or accidentally deleted. Memos no longer have to be distributed on desks throughout the office or ignored in emails.


Why organize when you can search instead?

To combat disorganization and time-wasting, Slack archives conversations and lets every phrase become searchable. For example, if you were looking for an expense report from September, you can search through its archives and can even sift through files in order to find exactly what you’re looking for. With Slack, even the sloppiest employee is no longer at a disadvantage: not only can you use channels and the search feature to hunt down the message or file you’re looking for, but Slack also includes an array of features like “pinning” content to channels or “starring” content as a kind of in-app bookmarking system.


Slack ≠ Slacking

 As a business owner or manager, if you’re concerned about employees “slacking off” with Slack, there’s no need to worry. Employers can monitor their employees’ communication in Slack with the optional Compliance Exports feature. This lets companies monitor their employees’ distribution of sensitive information, or even filter out conversations that don’t contribute to a productive workplace. Slack is not supposed to act as social media, but instead as a way for coworkers to quickly deliver information and directly discuss it without the hassle of emailing.

Slack can be used in combination with collaboration tools like WinWin for smooth communication both in and out of the office. WinWin allows for coordination with other businesses to get the most out of each business and create a cooperative effort. While Slack gets you ready in the office, WinWin goes beyond the office and lets the world discover the endless possibilities that your business has to offer. Communication is key to doing great business, and Slack and WinWin are platforms for the best communication possible.

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