Should My Business Use Twitter?

Social media seems to be the 21st century’s hotbed of marketing. It’s free and simple to use, but which networks are right for your business? In this article, we look at Twitter, the second-most popular media platform after Facebook.

Twitter: Strengths and Weaknesses

Twitter is a great platform for one-on-one conversations between businesses and customers. It can be used to answer questions, address complaints and establish a connection between company and audience that’s more personal than the usual correspondence over other social media platforms like Facebook.

Twitter is ideal for businesses with constant updates, such as coupons and promotions, or for large companies that need a social media approach to public relations because they are inundated with questions and customer service inquiries.

Beware of this mistake that many small businesses make: populating their Twitter feed with the content from their Facebook posts. Piggybacking social media content across multiple platforms is a shortcut—not a viable long-term strategy. It’s okay for your social networks to have the same message, but diversifying your content to fit the purpose of each network is the best way to leave your fans with a positive experience. Twitter is meant for quick, simple updates. Anything longer should link back to your company’s website, not a Facebook page.

Twitter is a time-consuming social network, so don’t feel like it is an absolute must-have for your business. Individual tweets effectively “die” after less than 30 minutes, so a strong Twitter strategy involves posting multiple times a day. It requires a lot of attention in order to work successfully for your business. Making one isn’t suggested if your business doesn’t have a dedicated social media manager to commit the time to maintaining and constantly updating it; for many small businesses, your social media resources could be better spent elsewhere.

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