Should My Business Use Instagram?

Should My Business Use Instagram?

Last week, we looked at Twitter’s strengths and weaknesses as a platform for businesses. This week, we turn our attention to Instagram, the latest platform to see widespread adoption by corporate content marketers.

Instagram: Strengths and Weaknesses

Many business owners already know that Instagram is a great choice for businesses that can produce eye-catching photos regularly. People go to Instagram for visually engaging content, so the platform works well for businesses whose work is visual, such as hair stylists, car detailers, landscapers, photographers, etc.

If you’re scratching your head wondering how to produce visual content for your seemingly non-visual business, some common strategies include: showing off your products or services; going “behind the scenes” to highlight your employees or your company culture; providing a video showing ways use your product; asking customers to show off their photos; posting exclusive deals; balancing fun story-telling images with images about your business.

Instagram has some great features that make it valuable for businesses, including the ability to post videos, the use of hashtags, and geotagging (which creates a fun map of your posts – perfect for businesses that involve travel).

These days, users are willing to look at content created by brands alongside content created by their friends and family, as long as the content is genuine and engaging. Your visual content doesn’t need to be about your brand 100% of the time, but it should always appeal to your core target customer. While it’s ok to post coupons and promotions, but don’t let that be your sole strategy. If you can’t regularly produce strong visual pieces, Instagram may not be the right platform for your business.

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