More Than a Business Listing and Business Networking Site

WinWin is a business listing site. It's a business networking site. Yes, members enjoy an SEO boost.

But there is so much more!

If a business or non-profit does nothing more on WinWinUSA than complete their free business profile and network with other businesses and non-profits, they enjoy added exposure and a boost to their SEO.

Many businesses take advantage of the many features and opportunities found within the WinWin platform and community.  Let's review some of these.

Business Community:

The most powerful feature of WinWin is our community of businesses and non-profits.  These are from all industries, all locations within the United States and are all of various sizes, from sole-proprietors to large corporations.

Simply tapping into this resource can open doors to new opportunities, some expected and others that are pleasantly unexpected.

The WinWin community is the foundation for facilitating a phenomena called, “The Adjacent Possible“; each new combination of ideas create new additional combinations.

Engaging with other members is the starting point and it begins with communication.


Communicating with businesses and non-profits is essential to facilitating opportunities. WinWin members have at their disposal a number of tools.

Invite Center – The easiest path to grow an organization's network of Alliances on WinWin is by inviting new businesses to join the community through our Invite Center.  Choose businesses already identified in our list or email any of your business contacts.

Private Messaging – Accessed via the envelope icon at the top of every page, members can send private messages to other members, one-on-one or to multiple recipients.  There are tools in the message center to help manage messages.

Chat – Our new chat feature allows instant messaging within the WinWin community. This is like texting and is a great way to send short, succinct messages to one or more Alliances.  This feature is located at the bottom of every page.

WinWin Communications Tools

Virtual Conference Rooms – Businesses and meetings go hand in hand.  WinWin makes it even easier to hold virtual meetings with Virtual Conference Rooms.  Need to wrap up last minute loose-ends for a deal on a Saturday or in the evening?  No need to get everyone to their offices, use one of WinWin's conference rooms or create your own.  As with Chat, in Virtual Conference Rooms teams can share screens, video conference, a whiteboard, and files with meeting participants.  When the meeting concludes, delete the conference room created and all meeting information is erased.

Dashboard – Share good news or a great opportunity or whatever with all the business's Alliances at one time by posting a message on the Dashboard.  Dashboard posts can include a photo or video (YouTube link).

Business Wisdom – Located in the More menu, members can post inspirational quotes, advice, news items, alerts, etc.  These posts will be visible to everyone in the WinWin business community.

Site Announcements – Located in the More menu, these list special messages from the WinWin team regarding site features, enhancements or even breaking industry/business news.


Create a network of business and non-profit members within WinWin by requesting Alliances with these organizations.  Think of Alliances as “friends” as found on other social media sites.  View or search for prospective Alliances by visiting the Networking page.  If you find a business or non-profit that you may want to form an Alliance with, but are unsure if they are the right fit, select “Send Message” instead of “Request Alliance”.

Business Deals:

The B2B Exchange on WinWin is like a virtual marketplace.  Sell, trade, request or donate goods or services.  Share hot deals from other members with your Alliances.  Comment and kick-off discussions to seal the deal!

Co-op Marketing:

The focus of this area is business marketing or non-profit marketing together with other members to either reduce marketing costs, increase market reach or both.  There is a tremendous amount of opportunities with cooperative marketing, which will be covered more in-depth in a future article.

An example of a co-op marketing deal WinWin and another member enjoyed is when we engaged with a member who is a printer to create brochures for a trade show.  The deal in nutshell: We designed our brochure to include generous space for the printer to advertise.  The brochures were being hand out at a B2B trade show in New York pulling businesses from the printer's marketing.  In exchange for a generous brochure price reduction the printer would be marketed at the trade show to 1,000's of prospective customers and a representative from the printer was invited to be part of our booth at the trade show.  It was a great success for both us and the printer; a Win-Win!


If you host any type of business events like seminars, trade shows, presentations, open houses, webinars, podcasts, fundraisers, etc, then this is the place to post them.  If you do not typically host events for your business or non-profit, then consider this to be your inspiration to do so.  Events are a great marketing tool!  They have built-in perceived value and hosting an event can elevate your brand's market presence.

If your business frequents business-type events, then the WinWin Events page is where you want to search.  Searching is easy and powerful.  Search by Industry, Region, Business Name, or select Advanced Search for even more options.

We covered a lot in this article and will dive into more detail about some of the features we covered, discuss other areas of WinWin we did not cover, and discuss best practices in upcoming articles.

If there is a WinWin topic you would be interested in us writing about, please let us know if the comments below or email


 – by R.Kwasnicki

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