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People and businesses get involved with WinWinUSA for many different reasons.  Some want to promote their businesses or products, some may want to be exposed to new business relationships, some want to be a part of the fastest-growing B2B web site that exists.  All good reasons.

However, some people—such as attorney Jeffrey S. Schwartz—want to be a part of WinWinUSA to challenge themselves to do even more. To take their success to the next level and to be exposed to others who can benefit from that success.

“What I really like about WinWin is that it is an ever-evolving concept and what’s wonderful about it is that it’s getting better with age” said Schwartz, who has been a general counsel to businesses for the past three decades. “I am looking to utilize WinWin to explore whether there is an opportunity out there for me to take my skills and talent into another company and watch them grow and be creative and excel. My definition of success is being successful for others.”

Schwartz has used those skills and that talent to build a successful law practice, which has offices on both coasts—on Long Island and in San Diego.

“I handle anything that a business may need from start-up through operations, to litigation—if necessary,” Schwartz said. “Entailing preparing contracts, negotiations, giving advice, corporate governance. Anything a business would need.”

After attending law school in San Diego, Schwartz spent 22 years practicing in the sunshine and warm climates. He even has, by far, the best phone number anyone could hope for in San Diego, 234-5678.

WinWinUSA Business Member Spotlight“That’s a keeper,” Schwartz said of the easy-to-remember number. Upon breaking out on his own, after five years working for another firm, Schwartz made his move for the number.

“Using the creative juices that I was born with, I decided to call 234-5678 and found out that it had been disconnected,” Schwartz remembered.

After calling the phone company, Schwartz found out he needed permission from the last owner of the number in order to have it. After waiting two weeks for the man to return from vacation, he finally received the permission he was hoping for.

“He told me that I could have it and said ‘by the way, what’s your main line’,” recalled Schwartz, confused as to what the man was asking him. It turned out that the man was using that number not as a catchy marketing tool, but as an overflow line for another phone number. “He didn’t realize what he had,” Schwartz said.

Since 1988, Schwartz has held on to the number proudly.

“Over time people can’t forget that number,” Schwartz said. “I’ve gotten calls from clients who haven’t called me in 10 years who remembered the number. There was one time where I received an offer to purchase that phone number for as much as $50,000. I declined it…now, I might take it,” he added with a laugh.

Schwartz first found out about WinWin from a friend of his, who insisted he speak with WinWinUSA CEO, Jay Bernstein.

“I spoke to my good friend Russ and he told me that I needed to speak with Jay,” Schwartz said. “I’m looking to get involved with a company where I can use all of the skills I have amassed over three decades and help run or operate an organization. Jay and I had a very good discussion about that.”

WinWin Profile – Law Office of Jeffrey S. Schwartz

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