How to Get Your Facebook Fans Engaged

facebook-tips Here we are, mid 2016, a point in time when most businesses understand the value of maintaining a social media presence. But, simply having a presence doesn’t make your business worth paying attention to; persistently posting links out and announcing sales don’t make your page follow-worthy. Once you understand that social media is truly a way for you to make your fans and customers feel important, the road to implementing a successful social media strategy becomes much more apparent.

Your goal is get your followers to engage, clicking on your links, commenting on your posts, making a purchase and posting content on your Facebook page. Creating that type of excitement requires some lighter fluid. It doesn’t happen the first week out when there are few fans and no one knows who you are. Yet, once you do wake your fans up and get them excited about what you have to say, you’ll have elevated your EdgeRank which, in turn, results in your posts being seen by more people.

It’s Not About You!

In order to transform your business page into an exciting social hangout, your fans must feel like you’re engaging in conversation, not talking at them. They need a reason to want to participate beyond finding out what you have on sale that week. Interesting conversation could involve sharing some of their posts, videos, how-to tutorials, asking questions, sharing a joke (albeit, a tasteful one), giveaways, etc. Your social media schedule should spread out news about your company and links to your website, filling in the time in between with fun things that make your page hip.

Your EdgeRank is impacted by a number of different factors such as:

·         Number of likes a post receives

·         Number of clicks a post receives

·         Number of share a post receives

·         Commenting on posts

·         Relevance to target audience

Using photos with your posts will help to increase engagement. But, when linking out of a post to your website, opt to promote the post. Facebook shows posts that link off site to fewer people, thus paying to promote it is essential.

Be careful about how often you link off of Facebook. Constant linking will lead to a decreased EdgeRank. Improving your EdgeRank will, ultimately, allow you to reach a larger audience for less money.

Think of Facebook as a backyard party you’ve invited your customers to attend. It’s a place to let them get to know you more personally, have lighthearted conversation and let them have fun.





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