How Social Networking is Good for Businesses and Non-Profits Alike

Social Networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways for individuals to stay in contact and communicate with each other. Facebook has over a billion active users worldwide.. The main purpose of the site is for people to keep in contact and communicate with old friends, plan events and perhaps meet new people. Plain and simple, Facebook is a networking site. LinkedIn is also a networking site with a different perspective than Facebook allowing business people to communicate with each other and market themselves to prospective employers.

Networking through in-person interaction is being heavily augmented with on-line networking. There's a website for people to communicate and a website for business people to communicate. What if we go one step further and help businesses to communicate with each other? What if this networking was conducted not as individual business people but as business-to-business (B2B)? is that forum, facilitating actual business entities to communicate, collaborate and ally with each other.

WinWinUSA is bringing business operational value to social media. Rather than businesses constantly being in competition with each other they can communicate effectively and collaborate ideas. All types of businesses, from food services to retail to manufacturing, can work together and grow.

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