Famous business people who either dropped out of college or never went to college

In the present information age, education is not the only tool to equip yourself. EBooks, podcasts, audio courses, and a plethora of other resources readily available everywhere can inculcate all the necessary skills required to build and run a successful business. What we don’t usually understand is that business management is not, in nature, theoretical; it is simply based on your capability to understand the inconsistent business environment and deal with the unforeseen obstacles that abruptly come your way.

In the world around us, we see a lot of examples of successful entrepreneurs who did not rely on degree as a means of success. Here are some of the most heard of people who dropped out of college or never went there.

Mark Zuckerburg

The famous founder of world’s biggest social networking platform, Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year. Initially, Facebook was just a small project called Harvard connection which was limited to Harvard students but his business acumen saw the possibility of making it into something bigger and now the global phenomenon has created an accumulated wealth of $38.6 billion for Zuckerburg.

Michael Dell

Possessing a net worth of $22.4 billion, the founder and CEO of Dell Inc. was also a college dropout. He attended the University of Texas. That was where he started his business informally; making and selling upgraded personal computer kits. Taking gradual steps, Dell incorporated his vision into the company which became the holder of 12.8% share in the world market by 2001. In 2013, Dell privatized the company in the biggest buyout since the great recession.

Matt Mullenweg

He dropped out of the University of Houston in 2004. At the age of 20, he had already made the preliminary form of WordPress. While in university, he received several job offers and dropped out when he got landed in CNET. After a while, he quit that job too and formed Automattic, the company which runs WordPress.com and other online platforms. WordPress alone now powers 16% of the web and gets 140 Million visitors per year.

David Green

Green began his business venture 45 years back with a $600 loan. He started out by selling picture frames from his own family house. This small venture grew to become Hobby Lobby, a wide chain of arts and crafts stores. He is just a high school graduate and did not even attend college. Hobby Lobby now owns 555 stores with a total of 28,000 employs and is the biggest Christian companies in the US with revenue of $3.3 Billion. Green possesses a net worth of $5.1 Billion.

Steve Jobs

Jobs, the most famous college dropout and a leading innovator, completely transformed the world of information technology. He is the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., largest shareholder of Pixar Animation Studios and also a member of the board of Walt Disney Company. He is considered a pioneer of microcomputer revolution. His current worth is $11 Billion.

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