Do You Strain the Brain?

Proper Rest and Exercise is not Just for Your Body; It is Good for Your Mind, too.

According researchers from the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas, our complex mental processes, the ones we rely on to be at the top of our game, can begin to dull over time.

In our fast-paced, super-human culture, we are coerced into quite a few bad habits, which negatively impact our cognitive abilities and performance.  Often times what we turn to for relief or a boost exasperates our mental depletion. For example, alcohol, TV, nicotine, etc.

However, there is help and it’s pretty easy to get started right away!

Let’s jump right into listing 4 things we can begin doing now to reverse the brain-drain.

  1. Rest and Restart Throughout the Day – Simply put, disengage your mind from whatever it is you are demanding from it, for about 5 minutes, for a few times a day.  Meditate or just quiet your thoughts; chill.  Doing so will help improve things like problem solving, productivity and decision making.
  2. Single Task – It is remarkable how deeply ingrained the myth of multi-tasking is in our culture, especially considering the body of evidence busting that myth.  Adherence to this myth can impeded task accuracy, productivity, as well as increasing the time to complete tasks.  Instead, step outside your comfort zone, especially if you are a self-described multitasking Jedi Knight, and focus on one (1) task at a time, even before starting another task.
  3. Prioritize Daily Task List – Choose two of your most critical items to accomplish and complete them before starting anything else.  This age-old advice has been shown time and again to increase the quality of work, efficiency and productivity.
  4. Step Outside Your Organization’s and Your Comfort Zone – Break the status quo when approaching projects, tasks or problem solving and try a new approach.  We all have the potential for inventiveness and breaking new ground.  Mix up your approach. Try something new.  This can help foster more creative solutions and keep that gray matter of yours happy and healthy.

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Information Source: Center for Brain Health

Rejuvenate your mind and stay on top of your game

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