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So thought I’d give back with some insight. Before I start, keep in mind, each one of our journey’s is our own so I can’t say my exact path will match yours.


I’m in my mid-thirties buy Online Generic Escitalopram a wife and a small child. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and sometimes this could buy Online Generic Escitalopram in full blown panic attacks Purchase Hytrin 2 mg on the internet was basically an bought Online Generic Escitalopram week three. Month 2 Each week seemed to be slightly better than the last. The Lexapro was absolutely starting to work but I was also working hard to feel better. Working on your brain and your routine is as important as the medication in my opinion.

I really cut down use of my Xanax too.

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I found that the instant relief wasn’t buy Online Generic Escitalopram the come down, Buy Online Generic Escitalopram. I actually think it was adding to some of the day to day anxiety of the first few weeks. I’m not saying don’t use it but if you can find another way to relax I’d recommend it.


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