Businesses Under Pressure, Part 2: How to Start Collaborating

In our last article, we talked about the harsh economic realities that are putting pressure on American businesses—especially small businesses, which employ the overwhelming majority of the country’s workers. These realities include rising costs and complexities in the face of reduced worker scarcity and increased customer pressures.

These pressures are NOT temporary ones, thanks to the ongoing march of automation, globalization, and supply chain complexification. Simply put, the business world needs to adapt.

We talked in Part 1 about the simple truth that many businesses today are discovering for themselves: B2B cooperation is the smart way to operate. B2B collaboration has become a high priority in every industry—the number of leaders engaging in a B2B initiative has doubled in the last 2 years—yet we’re seeing a lag between conceptualization and implementation. If everyone sees the value in collaborating, what is the disconnect?

Part of the problem is that many business owners and workers are daunted by the challenge of developing a system of B2B collaboration. We hear this from new clients all the time: it can be hard to break old habits and learn how to work with people in a new way!

Before finding WinWin, some of our customers’ typical concerns and doubts included:

– Their lack of technical knowledge to establish the infrastructure to make an easy “many-to-many” collaboration tool
– Not knowing how to implement such a large-scale platform
– Worry about getting approval from executive leadership for unconventional collaborations
– Insecurity about networking non-locally
– How to scale collaboration initiatives across multiple locations

We are proud of the fact that WinWin tidily solves many of these problems, and more. By offering the resources, support and infrastructure to let EVERY business participate, we are creating an “opportunity network” on a scale that has simply never existed before.

WinWin is the answer so many of our customers were looking for: an easy-to-use, cloud-based visibility and communications platform that makes finding relevant potential collaborators easy! So get creative, and start winning. Since EVERY business can start using WinWin for absolutely no initial investment, the adoption of the WinWin platform represents a trivial cost for the tremendous value delivered by the opportunity for true B2B collaboration.

What hidden win-win opportunities is your business missing out on? Finding out is simple, and membership is free. Give WinWin a try to find out why relationships are at the root of every success, and why cross-pollinating with other businesses leads to new strategies, new friendships, and new money-saving insights.

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