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Five years ago or so I was one of the millennial and older generation. Up until then I believed, as many of us still do, that the massive advancements in technology are nothing but fads, and the internet, computers, smart phones and web based platforms, texting, and Emojis were just things that the younger generations would use and dismiss or just things to block the real world out.

Many older generations feel, and I am sure in some cases they are right, that kids today are utilizing these things too much and lose out on some of the great experiences that they had growing up and even entering the work force. However, we might just be the ones that, if we close our eyes to the changing ways, we will not be helping and actually be greatly hurting ourselves and those we are blessed to teach. When we really stop to think about it, advancement (especially technological) hasn’t stopped from day one of humans being on this earth and never will. All of us have heard growing up different generations saying things like, “during my day….”, or “kids today just…” What was once thought of as either a useless invention or a massive game changer, many will always doubt it and believe the old way is the better or right way. While sometimes that can be proven to be the case, technological advancement will always take place and everyone who doesn’t at least attempt to determine the value of the creation could very well might miss out on the best life has to offer.

All of us at least once in life have dismissed something huge that was right in front of us for the taking. Many still will go on record to say huge successful internet company’s like Facebook are overvalued fads that provide little to no true value that cause many to miss real life in-the-moment experiences. While this may be true for just about anything we do compulsively, just take a second to think about how many things the internet and social media has allowed for society to do better or more efficient. It has also continued to change the landscape of the way we save time and money and even do business. Many businesses have had to completely reinvent themselves or have even been made extinct due to technology changes. Travel agents, land lines, fax machines, video stores, photo shops, cable TV and too many more to list were huge and considered a necessary can’t live without way of life not even a decade ago. Now most are struggling to reinvent and survive.

In the USA in particular businesses since the Great Recession have been working so hard and quick that many miss using these new tools to make them better and much more efficient. Businesses are having a hard time trying to play catch up with the new found power of all of the individuals able to move faster and smarter using all the latest technology. Many owners, CEOs, managers or executives try to control, regulate or manage it rather than embrace it and use it as a competitive advantage. Even with billions of dollars of resources at their fingertips, and thousands of extremely intelligent staff, they are missing out. created in 2011 was specifically invented to allow for all businesses in the USA to get a level playing field by Allying (networking), collaborating, creating and therefore growing quicker, and easier than ever before. Creative ideas by staff members can be easily shared and expressed by spending a fraction of the time, money and travel, and that is ultimately the secret of business and life; look for ways to continually improve, to all be successful. This is what we call a WinWin! As we like to say at WinWinUSA all must be in it to WinWin it.

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