Brand Awareness: 3 Ways to Use Video

Video for brand awareness3 Ways to Use Video to Enhance Brand Awareness

Video is an important component to marketing your brand.

Educational videos, or how-to videos, although popular and important are just one variety. Subject matter for these types of video are generally limited and can begin coming across as simply advertising attempts. Regardless, educational/how-to videos are a no-brainer if appropriate to the business.

Expand your brand and get creative with video.

For example, try Behind The Scenes Video, when you show consumers or prospective allies what happens behind the scene at your business. It helps forge a connection with people to the business.

Increase the power of testimonials with video. How?

Written testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. The obvious 1st step is to simply ask a customer or business ally for a video testimonial. Next, decide if the video testimonial will be done on-site or ask to have the video shared on-line.

With pre-planning, a clear objective and thoughtful approach, video can be easily shot, edited and distributed in-house. However, for a truly effective and quality product, using a marketing company specializing in video production is the way to go. Either way, just go for it!

If you are interested in incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy, then visit the WinWinUSA B2B Exchange. Search for existing posts or create a new listing indicating your are searching for marketing video support. Searching for “video” in the search bar at the top of each page is also an excellent way to find video production resources or opportunities on the site.

Remember, a business can incorporate video in their profile and advertisements on WinWinUSA!

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