4 Business Apps to Help Manage Your Time and Business

Let’s explore a few apps that can help save time & money.

Business owners, managers and employees are busy running their businesses or departments, while hunting for new opportunities by using business networking and business listing services.


Doodle.comSave time scheduling meetings or conference calls with Doodle.com

How can I express my full gratitude for this time saving app?  The old way of scheduling a meeting or a conference call, or anything, involved an unbelievable amount of back-and-forth, “How about Monday or Tuesday at 1pm?…..No good? Ok, how about Friday at 10am….No good? How about….etc“.

With Doodle, I provide what dates and times I am available in a “poll format”.  I send the poll to the one or more persons I am trying to coordinate with.  Each user selects all the dates and times that work for them.  From whatever dates and times that intersect, I choose the date and time for our meeting and everyone gets notified and it gets posted on my calendar automatically.  Fast and easy!

This is a free tool, but a premium version is available that offers additional features like linking with your iCal, Google or Outlook calendars, plus some personalization option.  I am so into this tool that, after a few months of using the free version, I purchased the premium service.  It is the only business app that I’ve paid for thus far.


MindMeister mind mappingPrivate or Collaborative Mind Mapping made easy with MindMeister.com

If you you are unfamiliar with “mind mapping’, get familiar with it right now.

There are quite a few mind mapping apps available, and most of those I looked at seemed perfectly suitable.  For reasons I cannot recall, MindMeister was what I went with.  It turns out the decision was a good one.  This may be the 2nd business I will pay to upgrade to a premium version.

Mind mapping allows me to easily organize thoughts, projects and ideas into a visual representation.  The bigger and more complex the piles are on my plate, the more important MindMeister becomes to me.  This tool really helps me and my team get a handle on many projects.


Other Great Apps to Consider

Team Calendaring using TeamUp.com

To-Do Lists using Wunderlist or ToodleDo.com


What are you top 2 favorite business apps?  Share your list in the comments below.


by R. Kwasnicki (WinWinUSA)

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